If you are planning to build, renovate, demolish or move a building, install/modify a sewer system or modify a shoreline, a Development Permit is required.  Development Permits approve the development only, ensuring that the development complies with the Land Use Bylaw. 

Development Permit Application Forms are available by clicking the link above or at the Summer Villages Office, 605 – 2nd Avenue, Ma-Me-O Beach.  Please ensure that all owners that are on title have signed the Development Permit Application.  If all signatures are not on the application it will delay the processing of the permit.

Additional permits are required for building, demolition, electrical, plumbing and gas.  These permits must be obtained from Superior Safety Codes Inc. @ 1-888-358-5545 or @ 403-358-5545 once your Development Permit has been approved.

For information please contact our Development Officer, Judy McCardia @ 780-586-2494.